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Here are the step-by-step processes that you need to follow to change the recovery email in yahoo account. If you have only one alternate email address, you will first need to add a new recovery option before you remove the old alternate email. All the Yahoo accounts are required to list at least one alternate email address or mobile number in the account information.

Now let us discuss the easy steps to remove an alternate email address

  • Sign in to your account info page
  • Under ‘account security’, click on your email address
  • In order to delete your primary email address, for that you will need to set a new primary email addressv
  • Click on the delete icon next to the email address that you will prefer to remove

Here are the steps that the yahoo customer care will help you to diagnose when you want to add an alternate email address

  • Sign in to the account info page
  • Click on the full name – it will open "Your Contact Information"
  • Click on the change next to the current primary email address
  • When you come under the 'Manage your email addresses', you need to select the email address that you would like to set as the new primary email address
  • You can click Add Another, to another to carry forward a new email address that is different than the one you want to remove
  • Finally click on the Save to return to the "Your Contact Information" page

In order to help yourself come out of this situation, ask the experts to guide you proactively and if you still fail to assess the right path to change your alternate email, ask the Yahoo customer support to take over your device remotely and help you to complete the function. To finish off with the task give a call the toll-free phone number, chat services or email, whichever suits you the best and aids you to recover from the bad state.

They are available 24/7 and 265 days in a year for complete support, so you need not worry. You can find them beside you even in the wee hours.

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