Here’s What to Do When You Can’t Connect to Yahoo Mail on Mac

Users of Mac OS are lucky as Yahoo mail is inbuilt with Mac Mail. Yahoo users can easily configure and sync email account with Apple Mac Mail. However, there have been complaints from users around the world as they sometimes can’t connect to Yahoo Mail on Mac. If you are facing a similar issue in connecting your Yahoo Mail with Mac Mail, go through the following points to get rid of the problem.

Yahoo mail not working on mac mail

Yahoo Mail not Working on Mac – Top Steps to Fix

If your Yahoo mail stopped working on Mac, this may be because of invalid email settings, viruses, no internet network, or there is something wrong with your Yahoo mail account. From invalid configuration to checking account for any viruses, here are some of the steps devised by experts who will surely fix the Yahoo mail problems on Apple Mail.

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

When you cannot connect Yahoo Mail on Mac, the first thing you need to do is check the network connection. Make sure the Internet connection is good and switched on. To check the internet connection, open System Preferences and click on Network.

Internet Connection in Mac

2. Quit and Re-open Mac Mail:

Sometimes simple things can also do wonders, so the easiest thing you can try to fix Yahoo mail connection issue in Mac mail is to quit and relaunch Apple Mail application. You can close Mac Mail by pressing “Command+Q” from the keyboard while using Mac Mail. Now click on the Apple Mail icon to relaunch the application.

3. Check if your Yahoo Mail is Working Outside Mac Mail:

The next thing you must do is to check whether your Yahoo mail account is working outside Mac Mail or not. You need to see if you can connect your Yahoo Mail on your web browser. Here are the steps to check Yahoo mail outside Mac Mail application –

  • Open a web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) on your Mac.
  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account using your login details.
  • Next, compose a new email and send it to your Yahoo! email address and see if it arrives within 5 minutes.
  • If you receive the email without any problem, then your Yahoo mail is working fine. If not, then look for the error and resolve it to make Yahoo Mail account work in Mac Mail.

4. Update Your Operating System:

Do you regularly update your operating system? If no, you must keep in mind that Mac Mail is a part of macOS, and not installing the latest software update can stop Yahoo Mail from working in Apple Mail. So it is important to update the operating system to the newest version. Know how to update your Mac software to the latest version –

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  2. Now click on Software Update.
  3. Check if there is any software update available, if yes, click on Update Now and wait for it to install.
Macbook Software Update

5. Check for Any Viruses:

Sometimes malicious software makes changes in the configuration of Mac Mail, thus making it difficult for you to access your Yahoo mail; hence, you need to install an antivirus program and scan your Mac for such malicious software. Viruses can be deleted with the help of such antivirus programs.

6. Disable Antivirus Program:

In case you are running any antivirus application on your Mac, it’s recommended to disable it (temporary) as sometimes these security programs prevent Yahoo mail from working on Mac. If your Yahoo mail works fine on Mac Mail after disabling the antivirus program, contact the antivirus manufacturer and report it.

7. Remove and Re-add Yahoo Mail on Mac Mail:

A corrupt Yahoo email configuration and setup might lead to some issues in the Yahoo Mail, including email not syncing with Mac Mail. When this occurs, you should remove and add your Yahoo Mail account again. This can resolve Yahoo not connecting on the Mac issue. Here are the steps to remove and add a Yahoo mail account in Mac Mail –

  • Launch Mac Mail Application on your Macbook.
  • Click on Mail from the top left corner and click Accounts from the drop-down list.
Mac Mail Preferences
  • To remove Yahoo mail from Mac Mail, select your Yahoo Mail account you want to remove, then click on – tab (minus icon) from the bottom left-hand corner of the popup screen, and click OK on the dialog box.
how to remove Yahoo mail from Mac
  • Now to re-add your Yahoo account, click on the + tab and select yahoo! from the list.
Add Yahoo to Mac Mail
  • Enter your Yahoo email address, phone number, or username and click Next.
Yahoo mail login on Mac Mail
  • Now Enter the password for your Yahoo mail account and again click Next.
  • Now select the apps (Contacts, Calendars, Reminders & Notes) you want to sync with your Yahoo mail account and click Done.
Sync Yahoo on Mac
  • You have successfully re-added the Yahoo mail account on your Mac Mail. Now check if Yahoo! account is working or not.

8. Ensure Correct Server Settings:

If you have done manual installation of Yahoo mail account on your Mac Mail, make sure you use correct IMAP and SMTP settings. Below are the Yahoo mail server settings –

IMAP (incoming mail) SettingsSMTP (outgoing mail) Settings
port: 993port: 465
authentication: passwordauthentication: password
SSL/TLS: yesSSL/TLS: yes

If you have installed your Yahoo mail account on Mac Mail using the inbuilt Yahoo option, there is no need to check server settings.

9. Check Yahoo Mail Account Settings:

You need to check your Yahoo mail account settings from a web browser if you cannot send or receive emails on your Mac Mail. Some of the important settings that can cause such errors are as follows –

  • Spam folder – Check the spam folder to see if any important email message is incorrectly marked as spam. If yes, select that email and click Not Spam.
  • Auto-Forwarding feature – If automatic email forwarding is enabled, your mac Mail might not be able to download Yahoo mail messages. So check for auto-forwarding and stop it if enabled.
  • Blocked Email Addresses – If you are not receiving emails from specific email addresses, check if you have accidentally blocked these email addresses. To check blocked addresses, go to Settings > More Settings > Security and privacy.
  • Reply-to Address – Make sure your reply-to address is blank or set to your Yahoo email address.

If your Yahoo! Mail is still not loading any new emails on your Mac Mail app, reach out to the Yahoo technical support professionals for an instant solution.

Updated: July 18, 2020 — 6:51 pm

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