Tips to Create Strong Yahoo Account Password

Sealing your account with a confidential password is not only essential for your social networking sites or financial sites, but you have to consider for email accounts as well. The password could easily fall into the wrong hand but what will you do if someone misuses your account or posted something from your ID that jeopardizes your character?

A token of efforts by creating a strong password will be a great initiative to protect an account from an online hacker. If the security is strong enough, the cybercriminals will be discouraged and give up in no time.

Let’s try to focus on some of the points to create a strong password.

Note down the 3 points for creating a password:

  • It should not be a proper noun or a word from the dictionary.
  • Easy to remember the password.
  • It should be complicated enough to resist the repetition attacks.

Now, let’s find out the basic requisite things to create a password.

Basic requirements for creating a Yahoo password:

  • It should contain at least one symbol or number.
  • It cannot be all letters.
  • Avoid 3 or more consecutive letters in your Yahoo ID or real name.
  • Consist of one upper case letter.

 And finally, some of the useful tips are here to create a protected password.

Some of the tips to create a strong Yahoo Account Password:

  • Don’t pick a complete word from the dictionary for creating a password.
  • Use as a minimum of seven characters.
  • For creating a strong password use the numbers (16754) and symbols like (@#*%$&!).
  • Never use personal information because a hacker can easily guess your password.
  • Not use the password which you have already used for your bank account.
  • Do not include keyboard patterns like ‘12345’ or ‘qwerty’.
  • Never include something that is related to you.

Apart from this, changing a password after a specific duration of time is necessary. The important thing is that you don’t need to share it with anybody, even if someone asking from the Yahoo team because Yahoo will never ask you to change the password in any case.

Note: Sharing a password with anyone may create a big risk for you and will lose your essential details from your account. It’s better to take preventing measures for unwanted access to your Yahoo account.

Updated: June 8, 2020 — 9:37 am

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