Yahoo Mail Message and Attachment Size Limits

A known issue while sending files through a Yahoo Mail is the limit on the size of the attachments. Not just Yahoo any other email service provider doesn’t allow its users to send files or attachment larger than a few MB’s in size. On trying to do the same, email servers that you use may give an error stating the file you’re attaching is bigger than the server allows or the attachment size exceeds the allowable limit and then the email simply won’t get sent or received.

Through this article, you get to know about Attachment Size Limits in Yahoo Mail Message and how to overcome the situation. Well to mitigate this problem is to upload an attachment on cloud drives such as Dropbox which will help you to store large files more than 25 MB as per the Yahoo email limit.

But before getting into the steps to send a large file from Yahoo mail, let’s first discuss the imposed attachment size limit in Yahoo Mail.

What is the Message Size Limit in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail lets you send messages up to the limit of 25 MB in total size. So whenever you want to attach a file in your email, make sure that the file shouldn’t cross the overall limit offered by Yahoo. Otherwise, you couldn’t be able to send that mail. However, you don’t need to dishearten as you can attach and send the larger files with the help of the DropBox tool. Below we are providing the steps to use DropBox to send a large file.

Steps to Send Large File From Yahoo Mail

  • To begin with, create your Dropbox account by click on the Signup button.
  • Now, enter your Name, Email, and Password in the prompted field and tap the Sign up button.
  • In the next step, upload your attachment to the Dropbox and get a shareable link.
  • After this, login to Yahoo mail and compose a new email.
  • Then, paste the link in the Yahoo account and send it.

Apart from using Dropbox feature, you can also reduce the size of a message by using this method-

Steps to Reduce the Size of a Message

If in case, a message you want to send in Yahoo Mail surpasses the limit, you can employ a number of strategies to reduce its size:

  • Compress the attached file size by using a compress tool.
  • Send a link to where the addressee can download the file from the web.

If you want to send multiple files, attach them to more than one message.

Updated: June 8, 2020 — 11:17 am

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