6 Great Tips on How to Stop Junk Email in Outlook

Today, going through emails has become an everyday chore for almost everyone. But, things get worse when the junk email count starts increasing, not offering a smooth emailing experience. For an email user, junk email is no more a secret. Junk email, sometimes called spam email, keeps bothering and consumes all the storage space if appropriate action is not taken. Besides, such emails bring in malicious links and viruses that pose a threat to your online presence. So, you have got to stop junk emails. In this blog, we talk about 6 great tips on how to stop junk email in Outlook.

Worth-Trying Tips on How to Stop Junk Email in Outlook

If you are an Outlook user, you are in luck. The experts here have done extensive research on their part and ensure the following points should be kept in mind to get rid of junk emails in Outlook. Learning the steps is easy and effortless and doesn’t require you to be an expert.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the tips to stop junk emails in Outlook.

  1. Don’t Respond to Spam: There are times when you come across unsolicited emails tempting you to open the same. But, be careful! You have got to be very, very careful and never respond to such emails. Many people knowingly or unknowingly open up spam messages that often have attachments that cause malware infections. Since most of these emails look obvious, you might mistake them for normal emails. The trick to learning how to separate spam or illegitimate emails from legitimate ones is to recognize the sender’s address, the subject line, outrageous claims, and plenty of errors. So, simply don’t respond.
  2. Don’t Share Your Email Address: Ever wondered how spammers find your email address and start sending you all the unsolicited emails? When you access a particular website to obtain some information, you end up giving out your email address. And spammers are always on the lookout to collect such information when it is shared online. If you must share your email address, make an effort to confuse spammers by substituting the ‘@’ symbol with ‘at’. Although this won’t fool spammers completely, it will surely throw off a good percentage of them. Or, you can use a temporary email address, which is also known as a disposable email address. You can create a free email address without giving out your phone number, too.
  3. Learn How to Report Junk Emails:This is a great way to detect junk emails in your Outlook. So, how do you mark emails as junk in Outlook? Here are the steps to mark an email as junk in Outlook.com.
  4. Open Outlook and select the messages that you want to mark as junk.
  5. Go to “Junk” and click “Junk (or Spam > Spam)”.
  6. This will move the message to the Spam or Junk folder.

That’s how you mark emails as junk. Emails from the particular sender will directly be sent to the Junk folder. Messages in this folder will be deleted automatically between ten and thirty days after they arrive.

  • Unsubscribe from Promotional Emails: Even though your Outlook boasts 15 GB of email storage, it won’t take much longer to reach storage limits when promotional emails start pouring in. And certainly, these types of emails are the curse and online users often fall prey or become a victim of it. To eliminate promotional emails, you will explicitly opt-out from receiving them. So, just unsubscribe from such emails if you don’t want to receive them anymore.
  • Sign-up for a New Email Address: Still, receiving promotional emails and spam messages despite all the efforts? You are left with the ultimate solution, i.e. creating a new email address and make sure you are not sharing it on promotional websites. This will stop messages from coming to your inbox. Creating an Outlook email account is free.
  • Use Temporary Emails: Why do you need to use your primary email account on various websites while seeking information when you can use a temporary email address? And the best part is you don’t even have to give out your phone number. This way, junk emails won’t infiltrate in your Outlook account. Some of the best temporary or disposable email services in the market are Guerrilla Mail, EmailOnDeck.com, 10 Minute Mail, etc.

The above steps are proven. Adhere to these options or tricks if you want to stop junk emails cluttering your Outlook inbox. If you still require technical help, dial the Outlook Support Number.

Updated: October 16, 2020 — 9:10 am

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