What to Do When ‘Yahoo SMTP Server Not Working’

When you use Yahoo Mail, you are not confined to use the webmail version but are also allowed to use your Yahoo mail on other email clients or applications using Yahoo IMAP, POP, and SMTP server settings. You can easily send emails, receive email messages, manage folders, organize them, etc. from such email applications.

Are you not being able to send emails from your Yahoo mail account on third-party email applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.?

If yes, make sure you are using correct Yahoo SMTP server settings as these settings help you send emails from third-party email clients or applications. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a standard commonly used communication protocol to send outgoing messages from desktop applications. So, if your Yahoo SMTP server is not working or configured correctly, you wouldn’t be able to send emails from your Yahoo mail. Read the full article to know the correct SMTP server settings for Yahoo and possible solutions to Yahoo SMTP server not working issue.

Yahoo SMTP Server Not Working – Possible Solutions

Yahoo Mail IMAP SMTP Server Settings

1. Check the Correct Settings

When you experience the Yahoo SMTP server not working issue, you wouldn’t be able to send emails. Below, we have mentioned the Yahoo SMTP server settings in a tabular form. Take a look at it and make sure the settings you are using are correct. These settings would work fine with web email programs, mobile devices, desktop applications, etc.

Yahoo SMTP Server Addresssmtp.mail.yahoo.com
Yahoo SMTP username([email protected]) Your Yahoo Mail address
Yahoo SMTP passwordYahoo Mail password
SMTP Port465 or 587
SMTP TLS/ SSL requiredYes

2. Check Yahoo Mail Account Outside the App

If you are using the above Yahoo SMTP server settings but still can not send emails from your email application, check if your Yahoo mail account is working outside the app on a web browser. If your Yahoo mail is working fine outside the app, there might be something wrong with the email application you’re using. Contact your app manufacturer or use a different email program.

3. Check if Any Software is blocking SMTP Server Ports.

If your Yahoo mail is working outside the email application and there is nothing wrong with your email program, you should check if any antivirus software, firewall, or network protocol is blocking Yahoo SMTP ports (465 or 587). If your SMTP outgoing server ports are blocked, your email application can’t connect to Yahoo servers, making it difficult to send emails. Contact your antivirus software manufacturer or Internet service provider for resolution.

4. Sending Limits in Yahoo Mail

Maybe, you are not aware that your Yahoo Mail has some limitations when it comes to sending emails from email programs. However, Yahoo doesn’t reveal the number of emails you can send (Maybe 500 emails/day), adhering to its anti-spam policies. But yes, you will receive a notification once you reach the predetermined limit. Yahoo will notify you when your account will be ready to send emails again.

What to Do to Fix POP or IMAP Client Receiving or Sending Issues

Now that you are done with the ‘Yahoo SMTP server not working’ issue, you may like to fix POP or IMAP client sending or receiving errors. Third-party email clients use IMAP or POP protocols to connect to Yahoo Mail. To work with an email account, these third-party email clients (mac Mail, Outlook, etc) must ensure the correct alignment of these apps. Here are a few steps to keep in mind while aligning with your Yahoo Mail account.

  • #Step 1: Make sure there’s no issue with your Yahoo Mail account.
  • #Step 2: You must verify that you are using the correct POP or IMAP settings. If a problem persists, you may delete your account from the application and re-add it.
  • #Step 3: Ensure that there’s no software blocking the ports that Yahoo uses. Check antivirus software, firewalls, and network protocols if they have any block ports. The app won’t work or connect to the server if the Yahoo ports (587, 995, or 465) are blocked.
  • #Step 4: Use a different app or contact your app manufacturer immediately if you find your account is working fine outside of the app. Maybe, the problem is with the app.

Need assistance? Contact the Yahoo email Customer Service team for round-the-clock help.

Updated: July 22, 2020 — 4:06 am

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