Fix Attachment issue problem in Yahoo

Yahoo sometimes experiences some inexperienced issues while working on the yahoo mail you suddenly face that you are not able to attach some documents in your account while composing a mail. This is, however, an issue of concern and need instant troubleshooting steps. If you are a yahoo account user and you are confronting issues in your yahoo account then don’t get panic at all as you can know simply can fix this issue.

While sending or composing email you need to keep in mind that you are adding only documents that size don’t exceed the given daily limit of yahoo and along with this check other browser and cookie settings in your account to fix attachment issues in your yahoo account. Here in this write up you will get complete steps on how to fix the attachment issue problem in yahoo.

Are you experiencing complexity when attaching or downloading a file in yahoo? If yes then here are some common issues that may be causing this issue.

  • In case you are using some special characters then remove special characters from the name and try again.
  • If you are using some unsupported web browser then make certain you are using a supported web browser that Yahoo supports.
  • If there is an email containing files that can contain a virus or can harm the security of your account then yahoo will not deliver the email. Yahoo doesn’t support an assortment of file formats.

How to add attachments to resolve this issue?

  • First of all, tap on the compose option.
  • Now tap on Attach icon Image.
  • Choose the type of file to insert or attach:
  • Now share files from cloud providers and then add photos from recent emails.
  • You can also insert animated GIFs
  • In case you want to search or browse items then go to the right column.
  • Tap an item to attach it.
  • Yahoo automatically downloads the files which are virus-free but in case of some malware, the documents cannot be downloaded.

Through these steps, you can easily attach files in your yahoo mail and send and receive attachments accordingly. In case you are still confronting any difficulty then you can approach a third party tech support providing company and get detailed solutions from the tech experts. You can even dial a toll-free Yahoo customer support number and get complete details about the same from the tech experts.

Updated: June 8, 2020 — 9:56 am

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