How To Change Password In Yahoo Email Account?

In order to change your yahoo e-mail account password you have to follow the step by step solutions so that you can easily recover your yahoo mail account password. Here are the steps:

change yahoo password

Go to the password recovery page and click on the link need help and then yahoo will ensure that you are able to provide your e-mail ID.

Once you provide your e-mail ID you will be asked to enter the captcha code correctly. You have to ensure that you are able to enter the code correctly in the space provided. In case you are not able to enter the code correctly you will not be able to proceed forward. You have to see the code and if you are not able to see it you can also hear it but ensure that the code is entered correctly.

After this you will have to select the medium through which you will receive your passcode. You can either choose your alternate e-mail address or mobile number depending upon ease of access. If you had updated book to your alternate e-mail address and mobile number, you will be shown both the options but in case you had updated only one you will be provided only one solution.

Now select the way in which you would want to receive the passcode. If you receive the SMS you have to check your SMS and enter the code correctly. If you receive the code directly in your alternate e-mail address you have to open the mail and provide the code. Sometimes customers are also provided the verification link on which they have to click and go to the password recovery page.

After getting the verification code customers have to enter it correctly in the page and then wait until yahoo checks if the process has been done correctly. Once yahoo is sure you will be directed to the page where you will be add out to change or old password. Once you change the password you will then be able to access your yahoo mail account.

If you have any problem in following this process you can get in touch with yahoo technical support team and get the needed solution and help. The technical associates of yahoo will provide you with all the solutions which are required to overcome this issue and ensure that you are able to use your yahoo mail account without any interruptions.